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01. The Objects 1 2 4 8

Okay, while I admit I've not ever read the bible or any other holy book in their entirety nor do I attend a church, I do have a strong faith in 'stuff'.  So, when I use the word 'god' along the blog... don't take it so literally, this isn't about 'our' weird and mostly violent histories between peoples, it's about information... coming from the sky let's say, and let's stay, upon equal, respectful and loving ground, in the spirit of sharing, for our future generations... we all have them and so let's make 'them' our common stuff...

So the book of genesis showed me how to make a proper division of a circle... keeping all things equal for all of human kindness... and  I don't know why it was the book, it just was and it shows clearly, within the first 8 passages, how balance is created.... One through eight .. it's called something like "object, creation".

The Object
1 is the Circle

2 is the next set

4 the next set and

8 the next

this means the lines are these and in this order, layered... it's something to remember.
o - + X

Those are the 'numbers' and therefore 'rows' of 1 2 4 8, which you will understand later, but that's what these are and that's how the circle is to be divided for all to be equal and equitable.

Pacal also shows us these very same rows as I will show you further along the blog...
I improved it ;)

I write stuff down... as it comes so get used to it...I'm overlapping five years with today's information...  All things should remain in balance then...


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