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03. The Mayan Long Count Calendar

On the winter solstice, December 21, 2012, it is in the press, that the 'Mayan Long Count calendar is ending' and the stories are anything from the delivery of love and wisdom to death and total global destruction... perhaps alien intervention ... the stories are many but not the focus of my blog so I will leave it up to your curiosity and desire to explore further.   I am here to show that perhaps the 'final verdict' on the translation of the ancient numbers and languages isn't complete.

The Mayan calendars, could be today's modern system...  I think there are too many stories of 'armageddons' and apocalypses ... our focus should be elsewhere, like forward, into our future generations....

" those, were the old stories "

Here is the Mayan Long Count as traditionally translated

Kin  = 1 .......... x 20
Uinal = 20 ........ x 18
Tun = 360 ......... x 20
Katun = 7200 ...... x 20
Baktun = 144000 ... x 13 'cycles'
Great Cycle = 1872000 'days'

Let's take a real close look at just the Baktun cycles now... in 'reverse order'...

1872000 / 144000 = 13 cycles of 144000 'days', which could also be said as 400 Tun
1872000 / 14400 = 130 'could also be seen as, 40 Tun cycles'
1872000 / 1440 = 1300 and this one, as 'days' could also be known as 4 Tun cycles

and because 1440 is the same number as the amount of minutes in one modern day...
this could then also mean
........1872000 as  'minutes' / 1300 'days' = 1440 'minutes' per day...

... and remember, 1440 days are 4, Mayan Tun

I suggest there is also this one
1872000 / 144 = 13000

some things, might be more than what we 'called them' then

1872000 = 144000 x 13 Baktun cycles
144000 = 7200 x 20 Katun cycles
7200 = 360 x 20 Tun cycles
360 = 20 x 18 Uinal
20 = 20 x 1 Kin
1 = 1 Chi'Kin ... (I put these words together...makes senses doesn't it?)
(Who's the turkey she wonders...)

This means that later there will also be a comparison to light speed...

144 is so important a number, that there will be an entire post to 'what it is'... in several of it's form.
As a reminder, this is the 12th number of the Fibonacci sequence, in addition to a few other things.
Most importantly, as hours, 144 amount to 6 modern days.

Take a moment to research a little of the Mayan Long Count calendar and see for yourself that these  calendar numbers showing, are true and then Google minutes in a day and 1300 days and 130 days and see that these numbers are also true... and just think about it.  Use your calculator if nothing else ;)

The Mayan calendar maths are made up of numbers 13, 18 and 20.

20 x 13 = 260 days in the Mayan Sacred Tzolkin calendar

(Note:  I link to mostly the Wiki because it's universally sound and reasonable without endorsing any particular scholars claim to work or appearing as though I have any comparison to any scholar's work)...  they're all probably 'right' to some degree... and my blog will be correct to the 33.55th degree ;) Yes, that mysterious 33rd degree thing is also included up the way...

I include the math of 20 x 20 which is 400 and I say this number was also important to the ancient Maya, the same as the Gregorian calendar today recognizes a 400 year cycle.  These, I will compare later along the blog... for now, remember

four, Mayan Tun, contain 1440 'days, which if multiplied by 1300 'cycles' = The Long Count
forty Mayan Tun contain 14400 days, which if multiplied by 130 'cycles' = The Long Count
four hundred, Mayan Tun contain 144000 days... 
which is also called One, Mayan Baktun, which if multiplied by 13 cycles,  as is traditionally translated  = The Mayan Long Count Calendar, December 21, 2012

And later, the coincidence of a 400 year Gregorian cycle....
TLC -- "The Long Count"

So, here is what we've seen so far then...
 "click to enlarge"

360 as a Mayan Tun, contains 360 days
360 as modern minutes, make up 6 hours
360 minutes, as 6 hours, means 1440 minutes a day as 24 hours 
1440 'days' are equal to 4, Mayan Tun of 360 'days' each

X. Y. Z.
24. 25. 26


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