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06. Communications

So what do I think is going on for the year 2012?  personally, I think it's a new form of communication from 'somewhere' and I think the ancient's heard it and I think, while there are stories of 'elite' having secrets, their secrets are indeed out in the open... most people, from my own experience anyway, don't care to even glance this way if they peak and see a single number involved in the discussion... so it's not a wonder we even 'invented' the word 'secret'.   But the idea and indeed entire way of 'money' is everything surrounding number and our global communities have suffered things called 'poverty', bad economics, bail outs... due to this very lack of understanding and perhaps even fear.

We fear that which we desire and work for,
We fear that which is the make up of our body (the 'bread') of our 'living'
and we don't even know it maybe...

We all literally 'live' by the motion of a clock and yet we might not even realize anymore, why there are 1440 minutes in a 'day'....  But we work and earn the very thing we call a 'living', by these systems of time keeping ... all governed mostly down to the time clock's minute, for most of the population.

I'm about to show you why we have the saying... " time, is money " when we visit the dollar bill and Mason mysteries,  but first, take a look again at 585...

Angles or Angels... and there is certainly reason for the number 195... and you will see soon how it all comes together.


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