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13.31 The 'First Numbers'

While the whole time, from the stars, we think of the word 'binary' as being 'two' and only just two, I think when it comes to the real make up of things, it might actually be 'two pair'... the same as with chromosome... xx means 'female' and xy means 'male'... therefore, looking at a couple standing together, they would appear as xxyx 'four' characters representing 'two' sexes of type 'human'.  "Twins"

So to learn such a thing, would mean to understand ones and zeros... as pairs.

1101 and
1011 and we must see them both 'ways'

This is why the need to understand the simple ways ...
If these are 'binary', then to create the 'First Numbers', we would add them up as maybe zeros, and ones.

Counting ones, then zeros...

1101 = 3, 1

Counting zeros, then ones...
1101 = 1, 3

It makes sense that the 'First Numbers' would be ones and threes...
So the 'beginning' of the Mayan Long Count calendar is August 13, 3113

1011 = 3, 1 same as
0100 = 1, 3

and looking at the beginning date of the Mayan Long Count calendar in this way
8133113 ... we might see how this makes a whole lot of sense ... 8)

What they are 'undecided' about, is whether August 11, 3113 is the beginning date also...

"two dates"
and one between them


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