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the last sign...

the last sign were the Mayan temples from what I gather...
we haven't had anything affect our mind sets the way their builders have.

since this morning, I think I realize that the ancient 'messages' are here to help us see when the asteroid we've named Apophis, is coming.  It's one of my many guesses at 'why' something like this would appear and perhaps another way to say such a thing would be to say maybe it's 'built in darwinism'  ... our past shows and we've created the saying 'history repeats itself'... but it doesn't have to if we view our past to prevent our future ...
as Fibonacci shows us ... it makes senses that our senses would begin to detect things that might destroy our world, not so 'man made'and not so isolated ... but important enough that the ancients went to record in stone, which is by far, longer lasting than blood itself...


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